La La Leia Designs

About Us

La La Leia Designs was created amidst the global pandemic of 2020. Once Zoom calls became the norm, creator Jeannette Ernst felt she needed a way to be able to express herself during meetings. Going to meetings in yoga pants was great, but there seemed to be something missing to reveal her unique sense of style and personality. Earrings were the answer.


Being an artist at heart, Jeannette started creating her own earrings as a way to use her artistic mind and relieve the stress that we’ve all felt during the quarantine. After getting great feedback from her peers she decided to open her own boutique. 


All the hard work and creativity from La La Leia Designs isn’t a lone venture. La La Leia Designs is a family-owned and run business. Helping Jeannette are daughter Leia who is not only the namesake of the company but a muse and the #1 consultant for the company. Leia has a wild sense of fashion, often pairing different patterns And wife Emma who is another inspiration in addition to the business mind of the team. 


La La Leia Designs has received the praise of being ‘pretty and elegant’ to ‘bold yet chic’ to looking like ‘little landscapes’. Within this eclectic range of handmade jewelry, there is something for absolutely everyone. 


The mission of La La Leia Designs is to create bold and beautiful statement earrings that provide a sensation of confident sassiness to each individual wearing them. Each pair of earrings is created to be as remarkable and rare as the queens and kings wearing them. 


One of the main values of La La Leia Designs is to make everyone feel included and important. The logo purposely has the rainbow for their strong support and love for the LGBTQ+ community. 

When you buy from La La Leia Designs you’re supporting a small business that gives back to the community. From each sale, 10% of proceeds are donated to a cause that is near and dear to Jeannette and her family, The Montrose Center. The Montrose Center of Houston, TX is a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community.